You’re right! — Now what?


Hey, Boomer?

So you’re big.

You’re influential.

You’re powerful.

You have all the potential in the world.

DynamiteBut will you dance?

Remember all the dances you went to growing up? Unless you’re baptist. If you were anything like me, you went to those things with the full intention of dancing, but you spent most of the time standing against the wall.

Trying to look cool.

Where, in fact, were 99 percent of the people at these dances?

Standing against the walls.

Why weren’t they dancing? It’s a dance for goodness sake! DANCE!

Nope. Nothing doing. We didn’t want to look like idiots.

But we were pretty good armchair quarterbacks. We would sit back and critique (make fun of) the brave ones who were out there dancing—their style, technique, dance partner, whatever. But no matter what we said about them, they always had one thing on us.

They were dancing at the dance.

We weren’t.

Life is the great dance. How are you spending it? Against the wall as a critic? Or on the dance floor having the time of your life?

I want to help Christ followers dance the dance they were made for. Our upcoming series, “One Month to Live” is all about learning to dance and having the courage to get out on the dance floor and live like to the fullest.

You don’t have to spend your life up against the wall. It doesn’t have to be that way. Make plans on joining us for the next 7 weeks as we learn together what it takes to live life passionately and with great purpose. If you don’t live around here I hope you’ll listen to the podcast each week and gain the courage to live all out through what you hear there.

Bottomline? When it comes your time to dance…