You People PUMP ME UP!!


I have received a mountain of encouraging e-mails this week…along with phone calls and voice mails and comment cards (and whatever other form of communication you can think of — although I have yet to receive a singing telegram). Here is one I want to share with you that really fired me up;

Hey Rob,I have been through pastor after pastor who let the negative get to them. We had a rule at the old place that if the letter was anonymous, it did not get to the Senior Pastor for the very reasons you quoted. Jim Henry at First Baptist Orlando has been quoted as saying there were 12 people in his congregation who would vote against the second coming if they could.

Statistics show that at least 10% of every church will be negative…it ain’t going away.And how many people frustrated Moses by complaining about God’s leadership, not his…better off in Egypt stuff…where’s God.In other words, it comes with the territory and it ain’t going away….soRejoice in the good things.Don’t let Satan rob you of your joy. It’s so easy for him to stir up some one and let you have it. Fiery darts of the evil one can burn you if you don’t protect yourself. And don’t let the negative people be your source of self worth (Seen it too much in pastors. They look for 100% affirmation as a sign of their own self worth and it just won’t happen…so they get down on themselves in their own insecurity).

Love you man, focus on what God is doing, and pray for the sheep who don’t get it, and against the wolves who do get it for the wrong reason.Can’t wait for Sunday and the good stuff, the God stuff at Southbrook …by the way, you are one of the best teachers I have heard, and when you get this old you have certainly heard a lot…take you over Andy Stanley or Ed Young any day.


Wow! I’ll probably never hear the Ed Young, Andy Stanley compliment again so I’m saving this one!

Seriously friends, thanks for the encouragement. Your pastor is fine, really. It bothered me for a few hours, but I want you all to know that I am ‘finding my strength in Jesus and worth in Him as well.

Keep Rocking SCC!

P.S. As your pastor I will feel the need to tell it like it is
and from time to time that will go down like a spoonful of
IPECAC syrup from your grandma. It tastes bad, makes
\you vomit but then you’re good as new (probably better)!