Xtreme Living — Part 2 — Spiritually Dead


This isn’t a real post. Sorry if you feel mislead. Sorry if you feel victimized by the old bait and switch, but the fact is, there is no such thing as spiritually dead for the believer.

“Aha”! Some of you feel you’ve trapped me early on (theology profs., enlightened pastors, learned priests and self taught scholars everywhere). But be careful. Better yet, take a break. Give those prophetic muscles a breather and let grace catch up. I’m quite aware that there are millions out there claiming the name of Christ without a detectable spiritual pulse of any kind. But I want to talk to true believers here for a bit. And here’s what I want to say to you…

If there is no fruit (i.e. – fruits of the spirit)—there is no believer. *

“Aha, Aha!” you diehard critics maintain. “Now we definitely have you. What about non-Christians? You said you’d write stuff in here for them as well.”

True, true. I give. Ok, if you are just checking this stuff called, ‘Christianity’ out in a nice, innocent, pluralistic, all roads lead to heaven,’ kinda way. Then you can borrow this ‘spiritually dead,’ category for the time being—personally, I doubt you’ll want to hang out here long, as this simply has no future, being dead and all. But, if you are trying to take a little bit from Buddha here, a touch of Mohammad there, a dash of scientology, perhaps a sprinkle of Hinduism for good measure, then the Bible is clearyou’re spiritually dead.

Wait! Don’t out click on me!


I never said this was going to be easy, non offensive, tolerant, or even politically correct. It might even hit painfully close to home far too many times for some. So, at this point, to be fair, you’re probably going to have to answer a vitally important question before continuing on.

Do you want that abundant, real, joy filled life I referred to in the in part 1, or do you want to coast in neutral all the way to oblivion?

What’s it gonna be?

And remember, while you’re deciding, I’m just the messenger. Never shoot the messenger. If you’re getting worked up at this point, your argument is with God and I can prove it.

But you’ll have to wait for part 3.

* Not to be confused with Kumquats, mangos, and kiwi. For a complete list, see Gal. 5:22