X_men_1That’s what I would call the guys who showed up for the second installment of our Monthly Monday morning challenges.

We’ve been talking about the seven deadly assassins that tend to take men out of the game. Today we talked about the tendency men have toward self deception while deceiving others.

We don’t intend to do this.

We’d never want to do it too long.

Just a little while…

but before you know it, you don’t even know who you are anymore. Am I the image I project or the man God called me to be? Well, the good news is that men living out God’s will for their lives don’t have this conflict going on. They know who they are in Christ.


For them, life can be like living with multiple personality disorder. What a terrible way to live. That’s why I’m grateful for th hundred or so men who are turning their backs on Sybil — split personality living and embracing the call God gives to each and every man.

These guys are the real Xmen!

Want to join them? Contact Geoffrey James — pastor of adult ministries at Southbrook Church and he will tell you how you can get started.

Only one rule

You can’t be Wolverine.

Becasue I am!