Objects in mirror are closer than they appear!


Grim ReeperThis past weekend we talked about how Jesus never wasted time. We talked about how a poor widow with absolutely nothing still seized her divine moment and stretched her faith in order to see God move in a mighty way. And we talked about the “Boy who would be king,” Jonathan. He was truly a mighty man when you see how often he stepped out for God against all odds.

I think it’s a tragedy that most people miss all the potential divine moments God puts right in front of them in favor of playing it safe through life, taking few risks, and trying to remain healthy and get to the end of your life unscathed. Because they seem to miss one very important fact. That is, that even if you arrive at age 101 relatively unscathed (and to me, most 101 year olds look at least a little scathed, but that’s just me) you’re still a whole lot closer to that major scathing we all must go through called death!

Last time I checked, the death rate was still hovering around 100 percent!

Although guys like Enoch, Elijah and quite possibly, Keith Green might have skewed the model a bit to around, 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999% instead.

Still, I’m going to go out on a limb (different one than Shirley McClain likes to swing from) and bet that you and I won’t beat it either. And even if you live to be 120, all it does is bring the Grim Reaper a whole lot closer than he appeared the day before.

So I have a better approach to life.

Live for Jesus. Live according to the way that the Lord shaped you and molded you to live. You have unique abilities and spiritual gifts, a great personality and a heat like no other.Birthday Card writing

There’s no other YOU.

So use those gifts from God to live for God.

And who know, the fire burning in you might just ignite a revolution!