Willy Wonka and the Church Factory — Part 3


Wonka1If you’re just catching up with this series, read this first. Then read yesterday’s post here and you’ll be all caught up and ready for this one. Otherwise, this post will only sound like meaningless dribble from a slightly neurotic pastor desperately in need of sleep. And…


Oh, never-mind, just go read those and come back. As always, I’ll wait…

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Ok, we had one more character left, Charlie Bucket.

Charlie_at_school Charlie_and_the_chocolate_factory_150

Doesn’t matter which one. Old or new, this guy was a gem!

  • Never took anything for granted

  • Cared more for others than he did himself

  • Wanted to help the needy

  • Had a servant’s heart

  • Never put himself forward

  • Had utter respect for his grandfather

He’s practically the perfect kid!


Or at least well on his way. I mean, no one’s perfect. It’s a process.


In the church world it’s called sanctification. Which is just a 10 cent word that means, ‘the process of becoming more like Christ.’


The process begins once you enter the factory.


And you can’t get in the factory without a ticket. A ticket you didn’t…

  • work to get

  • manipulate someone to get

  • cheat to get

  • weren’t entitled to get

  • deserve

  • inherit

  • compete for

No, it has to be a ticket you got by grace.


Otherwise, people would just brag about how they got it.


Read about the rules here.


Then you can put this fairytale to bed.