Why can’t i see it Part 2



The other day I listened to a few new tunes from the band, “plankeye.”

Did you catch that name?


I love it!

It’s a take off this scripture, http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke%206:41-42;&version=65; where Jesus tells a group of pharisees and hypocritical religious leaders to figure out how to extract the giant 2 x 4’s in their own eyes before worrying about a spec of sawdust in someone else’s.

But they didn’t get it.

And neither do a lot of us today.

It’s called hypocracy, and along with the almost superhero level ability to see even the most microscopic problems in other individual’s lives comes an almost moronic lack of ability to see the ten thousand times more obvious flaws in our own lives. 

The greater the super-powered, laser strength, turbo charged pharisees vision, the greater the idiot vision that inevitably comes with it.

Sometimes it’s almost comical.

Most times it’s not.

Why can’t I see it?

Because double vision confuses things.

It causes headaches.

It’s almost always a symptom of something far worse.

And it can even lead to blindness.

Spiritually speaking, it inevitably leads to blindness.

…and if you’re blind, guess what?

You can’t see.