Why can’t I see it? Final Installment


Hi my name is, fill in the blank, and I’m a recovering, fill in the blank.

Why is it so important at these meetings to say this in front of everyone else? Is it just to humiliate?

Finger point?


Sufficiently break like you like a wild stallion?

No. The reason is so that each individual will get over the first and most difficult hurdle on the road toward recovery.

And what is the hurdle?

Admitting you have a problem.

That’s nice pastor. Thanks again for stating the obvious. But I hardly think that is the most difficult hurdle. Everyone knows they are not perfect. Not many people won’t admit to a few flaws.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not referring to false humility or the martyr of the month club. I’m referring to a real owning of our screw ups — a real confession of brokenness that shows a true understanding of the damage our words and actions have caused not only ourselves, but also those around us. I’m talking about calling it what it is.

God has a three letter word for it.


Ok, big deal, right? I admit I’ve sinned here and there. Now what?

Not good enough.

Not to regain your spiritual sight.

That will never get the telephone pole out of your eye.

Even Paris Hilton reluctantly admitted as much when she found out she really was going to jail. 

Big fat Redwood trees haven’t moved though.

They haven’t budged an inch.

Because the realization of our own sin and lost condition can only truly be seen with the heart, not with the eyes. In fact, every single person who ever comes to Christ for ‘log removal’ (LR instead of RK) surgery can’t see a thing due to all the blockage in their own darkened minds. But Christ can clear it right up if you embrace His forgiveness and salvation.

And you do that with your heart.

Weird, huh?

But if you want to see, you better get it.

And once you do it will be like someone attached a big old woodchipper to both those logs in your eyes. You’ll feel the relief almost immediately.

And you might even have some mulch left over to use in the yard!