Whose Ready to Face the Giants?


What if I told you there was a good chance (around 100%) you will be tapped on the shoulder (by God) in the next several months to go forth and face some GIANTS with nothing more than a Remco slingshot?

Or, at least it seems to you that you have nothing more than a slingshot.

You actually have a lot more than that.

You have the God of the universe in your corner and He said He wants to use YOU to do great things for His kingdom. But He never said it would be a cake walk. In fact, He said there would be bumps along the way, and …

roadblocks and

trials, and

critics, and

enemies, and,

betrayal, and, YES, there will also be, GIANTS.

But nothing worth doing is ever very easy. So we’re right back to the original question. What if God said, “Mr. __________________, Ms. _________________, it’s time. You said you wanted to do great things for me. It begins NOW! And for starters, you see that 9 foot 6 inch giant out there in front of you? Well he does not like what you stand for. In fact, He works for the enemy, and he has been sent to make sure you don’t go one step further in this quest I’ve called you too.

Pretty impressive looking, isn’t he? Makes Shaquille Oneil look puny! Bit of an attitude too I’m told. But don’t worry. I have big plans for you down this very road, just on the other side of that animated rock. So, here’s a sling  shot (1500 bc addition). Go get’m.”

Hobbit sized Human:  But God, where will you be?

God: Oh, you won’t see me, but I’ll be right there beside you. Remember, I’m omnipresent?

HSH: Could you drop the ‘omni’ part just this once?

God: Nope, I’m building your faith, but if I say I will be there, I will be there. Do not question me! Got it?!

HSH: Got it. (HSH actually turns, jumps in his white Ford bronco and speeds off in the opposite direction).

God: Where are you going?


How about you? Many of you have asked how you could actually know the will of God and begin serving His purposes and experience the abundant life Jesus promised to those who follow (John 10:10). Well, during this next series: Facing the Giants, I believe God will be speaking to literally hundreds of you and saying, “This is your moment. I made you for such a time as this. Are you ready?”


Will you go? With confidence?

Or will you not even budge?

Or worse, pull a Jonah and run the complete opposite direction?


Fiends, many people at SCC are facing personal giants right now. Some are facing spiritual giants and others are facing physical giants. And the reactions to these monsters are all over the place. Some are paralyzed with fear. Others are running to what they perceive to be a safer place. And a few are grabbing their sling shots and stepping out onto the field of battle, ready to face that giant come what may.

During this series I will be laying out the battle strategy for some mind-boggling things that I believe God is calling us to do at SCC.

We will need giant slayers (sometimes referred to as Mighty Men and Mighty Women!).

Hundreds of them.

It’s time.

Series begins this weekend.

Assignment number one?

Invite. Invite. Invite.

Can He count on you?