Who Likes a Challenge?


God has been speaking to me constantly since I saw those 474 names go up on the light columns this past weekend.

It’s been a sort of tug-o-war. On the one hand, I am SO THRILLED to see that so many of us know lost folks. Could you imagine if an extra 500 people just dropped in on us one weekend? It would be, well, like 5 weeks ago when an extra thousand showed up. But that was Christmas. This is on an ordinary weekend (I know, I know — no such thing at SCC).

So I’m PUMPED UP more than Arnold at the height of his steroid consumption!

On the other hand, God kept reminding me that He chooses to work with people so we will need to do our part. That’s when the still, small voice really ramped up into a pulsating, huge roar!

Lead the way, Rob!

Ouch! I hate when He does this. I thought I could bring one or two and sort of pat myself on the back for it. But God would have none of it.

So, God and I have come to an agreement (which, literally means I have come around to seeing things His way). What is He asking me to do?

Invite someone new EVERY SINGLE WEEK until that weekend arrives. That’s 6 people (24 if entire families show up). I tried to get God to shake on it.

He didn’t move.



Rob: “Not good enough? Ok, ok. What do you want me to do, Lord?”

We’ve settled…Invite someone new EVERY SINGLE DAY until that weekend in March arrives! That’s almost 40 people! One hundred and sixty if the entire family comes!

A bit intimidating.

I tried to renegotiate the contract.


Apparently, once God settles, it’s settled.

So, there you have it…almost.

Rob: WHAT GOD?! What now? We agreed. It’s done. Can’t happen without you. Bigger than me. All that good stuff I thought you loved!

God: It takes seven invites to get someone to attend. You said that yourself…shared it with the body Wednesday night…I heard you. I was there.

Rob: But, God! Not fair! I’ll never be able to pull that off. I’ll have to have extended conversations. I’ll have to exchange business cards and mines cheesy looking! I’ll have to offer rides, call them on the phone, take rejection. I’m telling you, I can’t do it!

God: Exactly. But I can. I’ll be with you. Better get busy. I’m glad we had this talk. I know how much you love a challenge.

So there you have it in a nut shell. There’s no turning back now — nobody likes to get taken behind the woodshed by God. So I’m off on an adventure. And I share all this to say…

Anyone want to join me in this?

I dare you.