Whew! That Wasn’t So Hard After All!


How are we all doing? Have you made that bold invite yet? — as opposed to sneaking to nearby neighborhoods at 3:00 a.m., tying balloons and a note to several random mailboxes inviting people to Southbrook signed, The Phantom Inviter.

I’m with you, rejection is tough. Alas, all I can offer you is this, don’t become a pastor! :)

Actually, I can offer this encouragement. Even the best of people with the VERY BEST INTENTIONS suffer rejection. So you’re not alone. Jesus Christ comes to mind, for example. After people milked Him for all the miracles, grace, mercy and spiritual understanding they could take, they killed Him. Just their little way of saying, thank you.

But that’s hardly surprising. We human beings are masterful sinners. What is amazing to me is that Jesus cared for them even while they were in the very act of crucifying Him (i.e. ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’).

So, keep on keepin on, Brookies! They might reject you here and there but the ones who make it to Southbrook and discover joy and freedom through Jesus will thank you and mean it!

Still waiting for more MP’s. You all out there? 15 so far…