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As most of you faithful readers (by faithful I mean you read it more than once a year :) ) already know, I have been running several polls here on my blog over the last week or so. The purpose was to gain some sort of understanding on not only, where a lot of us are at SCC, but also where a lot of people across the nation (and even the world — yes, there are readers from outside the USA who read this thing) are — spiritually, physically, emotionally, and just plain, ‘how we doing with life?’

Most people want to do something significant with their life. Most folks want their life to count for something. I’ve never actually met anyone whose goal in life was to be miserable. I know. I know. No big shocker there, right? But here’s the kicker. Why are so many people living out almost flawless strategies for misery? Why are so many people looking back on their lives and seeing all the wrong moves perfectly aligned as though their very life goal was to be unfulfilled and unhappy?

Here’s what I’ve learned (since you asked). Most people really have no idea what it takes to live a fulfilled, content, adventurous and purposeful life and, quite frankly, a lot of them are tired of trying to figure it out.

So what do they do?

Wing it.

Wing it?

You heard me, they wing it!

With their life??!!

Yep. Hard to believe isn’t it? But that’s not the worst of it. The worst part is that statistics tell us that most people who will read this actually live life that way. When polls are taken, they reveal a shockingly low percentage of people who really feel their life has much purpose in the eternal scheme of things, and the percentages don’t go up as much as you might think among even Christians.

Notice I said “Christians.”

However, want to see the odds sky rocket? Shift from “Christian” to “Christ Follower,” and you’ll see that percentage of fulfillment in life goes through the roof. I’ll tell you what, that would sure make me want to know the difference between the two and strive to get it right.

Never fear. Help is on the way. That’s what IGNITE is all about. If you’re life is better described by the punching of a time clock than by the word, “adventure,” you need to plan on being there every week as we help you find your way to God’s perfect, fulfilling plan for your life. The life Jesus talks about here.

Then be honest with yourself, others and especially God. Does that verse describe your life or not?

Honesty is crucial here.

I’ve heard it said that before you can make any real progress in anything, you need to have a realistic picture of where you are starting from. Well, we have it. After a week of polling in getting ready for the IGNITE series, the top answers are in and here they are in no particular order:

Your Financial Life


  • I’m not tithing 10 percent of my income to God.

    20 / 23% of all votes

  • I tithe at least 10 percent to God.

Your Physical Health


Your relationship with God


  • I’m inconsistent in my relationship with God.

    28 / 35% of all votes

  • I don’t spend much time praying or reading the Bible.

Your Relationship with People


  • I’m in a wonderful small group.

    24 / 36% of all votes

  • I used to be in a small group but am not currently in one.

Your Life’s Work (including volunteer service and raising family)


  • I dream about doing something different.

    12 / 16% of all votes

  • My gifts and passions are underutilized.