What’s your mission?



This weekend @ Southbrook hundreds and hundreds of individuals reconnected with their reason for living.

I’m serious.

Most people want to be happy, but they go about it by chasing ‘deadend’ methods like trying to gain power, prestige, or more ‘stuff.’

But those rainbows do not have a pot of gold at the end of them, just heartache and regret. That’s because true happiness comes from knowing your purpose and living it out. This weekend we learned that all Christ Followers begin with one mission in common — we are all ambassadors for the living God!

So, at the end of each service we gave everyone a chance to reconnect with their mission from God.

Truth is, the Blues Brothers shouldn’t be the only ones on a “mission from God,” we all are. And that mission is to tell a lost and confused world about the love and forgiveness AND salvation offered to them by God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This weekend, as we closed out our 3 week series, “The Office,” nearly 1,000 people came forward to get their REAL business cards and began realigning their lives for their true mission from God.

Ambassador Card

Do you know your mission and purpose?

Because the fact is, if you’re a Christ follower, you’ve been given a ‘mission from God.’

But that’s not the same as being ON a mission from God.

Some of God’s ambassadors have never shown up for a single day’s work.

Have you accepted your mission???

This blog entry will self destruct in 30 seconds…

better get crackin!!!