What’s Fair?



That’s not fair!

Ever heard this? Of course you have—probably used it a million and one times yourself as well. But who gets to decide this?

  • In sports it’s the ref (or instant replay—then the ref!).
  • In court it’s the judge (first the law—then the judge)
  • At church it’s the “elders” (supposedly, God’s Word first, then the elders—but it doesn’t always work that way.)
  • In politics it’s the people (and ACORN, but who’s counting. Oops, I guess everyone’s counting and recounting these days!)
  • And in all things spiritual it’s God—scratch that.

We’ve decided we know better. That’s right. From the very start (I’m talking Adam and Eve here—yes, they were real people) man has decided that it would be better if we ran the show rather than God.

Now enter the whole fairness issue.

Whenever we mess up (the politically incorrect word for it is, “sin”) and things go wrong, we cry foul! (or, That’s not fair!!!). But there are other times we use this over-used whine as well.

  • When God disciplines us
  • When our parents discipline us
  • When the police officer disciplines us and…
  • Whenever we get ‘caught’

But wait! There’s more! If you act now, there’s a special bonus time you can use the “unfair” phrase even when it’s completely and utterly ‘fair.’

What a deal!

I’m talking about when God intervenes to bring about His perfect will and plans and it seems to mess up our precious sins, sorry, I meant “plans.”

And the result is alienation from God and a building frustration and paranoia that He might actually be out to get us. But I have a different theory.

Our “Fairness Filter” is broken. Or, at the very least, it’s really, really off kilter and in dire need of a recalibration.

Wow! How do you go about fixing something as nebulous as a “Fairness Filter”? Is there a spiritual Pep Boys? An emotional Goodyear Service place?

No. Better.


I’ll tell you tomorrow right after I show you the original whiners from scripture!

But, just so you won’t think I’m being “unfair,” here’s a hint,

God is always fair! He knows what the wicked do and will punish them. Proverbs 21:12