What we celebrate at Southbrook


This past Sunday so typified the type of year we have been having at Southbrook Church. Hundreds came out to witness another 56 people profess Jesus Christ through baptism!


Am I bragging? On God, yes!! You better believe it. I give Him all the glory, praise and honor for He is a God that reaches down and completely transforms us!

He is a God who forgives our sins!

He is a God who allows us to team up with Him for missions with eternal impact!

He is a God that can clean up, rearrange, eliminate and completely overcome our weaknesses and short falls!

Am I bragging on me?


Last time I checked, I couldn’t do any of that.

But God can and has!

This year so far we have seen nearly 650 people give their lives to Christ. Many of these even came out of pain and heartache as we said ‘goodbye for now,’ to 2 young dads who went home to be with Jesus.


Is there any other religion, paradigm, way of life, path to follow, technique to apply, supposed god, or…ANYTHING that can claim this?!


God alone brings real hope to this otherwise hopeless, purposeless, downright meaningless life.

God alone brings beauty from ashes, good from bad, peace from strife, and life from death.

Oh, by the way, we’ve also witnessed nearly 300 profess Him in baptism and I believe the best is yet to come.

There’s no place else I’d rather be!

Keep charging Hell with your water pistols, Southbrook!

We’re taking territory from the devil right and left!

I’d love to see him left with realistate roughly the size of a postage stamp by the time my life on this earth is over!

Wouldn’t you?

Then keep it up!

See you this weekend!