What Baby Steps?


Here, as promised are some of the baby steps that will make a GIANT difference if we all take them together:

1. We need at least 100 of our regular members and attendees to call the new 8:30 video cafe their service. We’ve successfully done this for both the 10:00 and the 11:30 cafes, but they are already full. Will some of you agree to take that step? Obviously, this would need to be regulars who are still hanging out at the 10:00, 11:30 or 10:00 cafe, as moving from anywhere else right now really wouldn’t help.

2. We need at least 100 more regulars to embrace the Saturday evening service. This one should be a no-brainer as the regular Saturday evening crowd wouldn’t go back for nothin (that’s redneck for, they prefer Saturday evenings to Sunday morning now)!

3. I would love to see some of the MP’s commit to, not only the first Wednesday of each month (now known as the “Midweek Fix” — previously known as the meeting for the MP’s!), but also being the core folks we send out later this year as we plant our Monroe campus — more on this soon).

4. At this point only about one tenth of our people are committed to our, “Continuing the Journey” campaign and the financing of our land and buildings at SCC. These folks committed to this over a year ago under the large tent. Since that time we have already moved beyond those needs to the purchasing of 11 more acres, the expanding of parking lots, building a new 1300 seat worship center and clearing for several soccer fields.We need to see ALL of our body shoulder this together. If you have not yet heard this need or haven’t had the opportunity before now to participate, would you please prayerfully consider what God would have you do and plan on bringing that forward in three weeks when we have our ‘jump start offering?’ It’s a major deal in the life of our church and one that God wants all His people at SCC equally involved in.

4a. I say 4a because this is along the same lines as number 4. We need those who made a promise to God to tithe to keep their commitments. Tithes and offerings usually ebb and flow, and we are currently ebbing a lot more than flowing! Our weekly tithe needs to be at 40k plus in order to pay for all the new land and buildings. For 07′ so far, we have been averaging around 35k. Just letting you know. Now you know.

5. Are you bringing your people in two weeks to hear Clayton King? There are now over 500 names on the pillars of light. But remember, it isn’t enough to place names there and pray. God wants to use you to GET THEM THERE! And that simple, relatively easy act of kindness may very well be, enough — enough to alter the eternal destiny of a friend or loved one.

It’s time now for the big invite if you have not already done so. I’ll be praying with you as we await a massive movement of God March 10th and 11th!

There are more things that we can do but this ought to keep you all busy for Jesus for at least a bit!

Cya tonight for communion and a rockin night of worship. We’ve got a great one planned so don’t miss it!