What are you known for?


Let me ask you all something (ya’ll meaning everyone out there in blogger land). When you think of most churches is their reputation one of ‘being against stuff’ or ‘for stuff’? Are they all about ‘doing’ for the kingdom’ or don’ting’ (<-- It's a word now, baby!). Oh yes it does matter! Becasue churches that are all about being against everything (exhibited by their many boycotts, rants, condemnations, aloofness, perfection, policing, etc.) are invariably completely ineffective at reaching the lost. That negative, Condemning, fortress mentality just goes hand and hand with a lack of evangelism. And I don’t mean “stated evangelism” (a lot of churches have outreach and evangelism on the drop down menu of their website), I mean effective evangelism (the kind that evidences itself in actual changed lives).

When I get to heaven I’m pretty sure of one thing God WON’T ask me, “Rob, why weren’t you against more things?”
Here’s a few more;

“Rob, why didn’t you condemn more things?”

“Why didn’t you boycott more (or in my case, ‘at all’)?”

“Why didn’t you preach more Hellfire and brimstone?”

“Why didn’t you protect Southbrook from those pesky pagans?”

“Why didn’t you dissect more Greek and Hebrew words?”

“Why weren’t you a Clemson fan?” <-- couldn't resist. Those people are almost rabid in their enthusiasm. “Why didn’t you speak fluent ‘Christianeze?”

“Why weren’t you more like Billy Graham?”

But here’s one thing He just might ask me…

“Rob, why weren’t you more like Rob?”

And here’s a couple more;

“Rob, why didn’t you reach out more?”

“Why didn’t you give me your best?”

“Why did you coast?”

“Why didn’t you press in instead of pushing away?”

Just a thought…or two.