What An Incredible Day @ Southbrook!!!


Bottom line, I will NEVER forget today.

Today is why we do church in the first place.

Today we saw 100 people profess the magnificent name of Jesus Christ before hundreds and hundreds of their brothers and sisters in Christ! The hill was PACKED and we ran out of food after selling more than 500 hamburgers and bar-b-cue plates! Take a look.

Baptism Crowd

We should have brought more!

We should have planned even bigger!

Because we serve a BIG God!

Next time…300! (people baptized that is…who cares about the number of hamburgers!).

Friends, this day is the culmination of all of your prayers for friends, neighbors, co-workers and loved ones over the last 2 months. Remember all those names on the two towers of light? It made it extra special to see both towers out in front of the pool as a reminder!


One particular picture really summed up the beauty of this wonderful profession of faith known as baptism. Take a look:


Take time right now to thank God for the harvest He’s bringing about at Southbrook Church! We’re turning Union County, all of Charlotte, the state and the world UPSIDE DOWN FOR JESUS!

And…they ain’t seen nothin yet!

Here are a few more pictures from this wonderful day!

See you all soon!


But God Rocks More!!!

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IMG_5842 IMG_5562 2007_0325SBBaptism019-vi

2007_0325SBBaptism064-vi 2007_0325SBBaptism080-vi 2007_0325SBBaptism034-vi

2007_0325SBBaptism074-vi IMG_5831

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