We’ve Got Some Concerns


Whenever I hear this it’s difficult to keep a straight face.

Better let me clarify before you develop a “concern” for my flippant attitude.

I’m referring to something nearly everyone encounters in their life—friends, couples, family members, co-workers, church members, etc. who always seem to preface every conversation with, “We just have a few concerns.”

I’m not talking about the, ‘once in a blue moon concern’ between friends—don’t kid yourself. If no one in your life ever has any concerns than welcome to perfection (otherwise known as fantasyland). Obviously, you’ve arrived. But for the rest of us mere mortals, we will at times, unknowingly offend, unwittingly joke around and cross a line, subconsciously wear a chip on our shoulder or any number of things that truly do need to be addressed. However, when it comes to “concerns” of every shape and size—legit and illegit—pastors tend to be a lightning rod. And not only for things in their own life, but also for every area of the church that isn’t going just perfectly in at least one person’s opinion.

And that’s just it. It’s the math that gets you every time. It doesn’t matter if there are one hundred people in the church or ten thousand—everyone has “concerns” that they feel need to be addressed.

Now, that being said (I think everyone is with me now), how do you determine whether or not the “concern” being logged, is a “concern” you need to be “concerned” with?

For us at Southbrook Church, the easiest way is to go back to our mission and purpose as a church first. Does the criticism, oops, sorry I meant, “concern” address one of the five purposes of our church that we are really dropping the ball on? Does the “concern” address a part or the whole of our mission? If so, you better believe we will take it seriously. In order to stay on course we need to make minor course adjustments along the way when we veer too much to the left or right. These kinds of “concerns” need to be raised and I am always happy to look into them.

What else?

Well, there are several other areas we are obligated to take serious when “concerns” are voiced and tomorrow I will address those in part two of this very “concerning” series.

See you back here then.

And please don’t be late. I don’t want your lateness to turn into a “concern.”