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One of my favorite preacher/teachers is a man by the name of Mark Beeson. You should check out his blog here. Or, if you are a stickler for url protocol, then go to, www.markbeeson.com

The other day he captured the heart of the “feed me, I wanna go deeper, we need to focus more on discipleship,” argument, better than I have ever heard it. I’ve often blogged on the immaturity of those statements and the fact that knowledge without application is dead, but anyone can grasp it the brilliant way that this guy puts it!

Here is a reprint of his post: Meleagris gallopavo / Easter Wild Turkey

Turkey_2_easter_2008_snowIt’s Easter weekend and we’re in the middle of a blizzard!

What do I see when I look out my window? This male turkey scratching in the snow and leaves. His beard indicates he’s mature. In a few weeks he’ll breed as many hens as possible and we’ll end up with little turkey poults running all over the place.

If you have mature birds you’ll soon have immature birds; that’s the way it works.

Three days ago Rick Warren proffered this question for me to mull over. “What is the mature church?”

I knew immediately how I would respond.

“The ‘mature church’ is the church filled with immaturity.”

Anywhere in the world, whether plant or animal, the clear delineation of “maturity” is the ability to reproduce. Immature animals can’t reproduce. Immature plants can’t replicate themselves. The definition of maturity is “being fully ripe, fully aged” so the connotation of maturity is obvious. Where you see maturity you’ll observe new life, babies and immaturity all over the place.

Maturity desires reproduction.
Maturity tolerates juvenile behavior (from juveniles) while training its progeny for success in life.
Maturity means “little poults running all over the place.”

If you attend a mature church, be prepared for immaturity.

Where you find mature Christians you’ll find little “babes in Christ” running all over the place. In fact, if you have been looking for a church where “everyone tithes” or “everyone serves” you’re not looking for a mature church, you are looking for a dying church – aged, impotent and bereft of spiritual newborns because “everyone” is mature.

Few things are more disturbing than a flock of adult believers standing around complaining that “no one has come to Christ” while refusing to do something that might result in new life.

So when you bump into someone who acts “immature” at one of our Easter services, don’t complain, and don’t be surprised. Instead, thank God the “mature in the Christ” are busy delivering newborn babies to the family of God.

Mark Beeson.

Now that makes sense!

Join us tonight as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. In the main worship building at 6:40 we will kick off with worship followed by a time of communion. Don’t miss it.