Weekend Reflections


What a great weekend it was at Southbrook Church! The crowds were back after last week’s great ‘blizzard of 08’! And we had special guest, Joe Sangl speak to us about money.

This is a tough subject with church goers and even tougher for seekers but Joe knocked it out of the park by showing us that it’s truly impossible to serve Christ and minister effectively for God’s kingdom while we’ve buried ourselves alive under mountains of debt.

Joe has a lot more to say about this, and in just a few minutes (4:15 PM) his 2 hour seminar will begin in the main worship center at Southbrook. I know a lot of you are already planning on being there, but a lot more of you probably NEED to be there.

So, drop what you’re doing, get in that heavily over-financed car of yours and head on over to the church before this opportunity passes you by.

You won’t regret it.

I’ll have more weekend reflections for you tonight, but I had to get this out there before it was too late!