Weekend Reflections



I look forward to these weekends like few others.

A rare opportunity for us to do nothing but lift up the name of Jesus for the entire service! Actually, I should point out that we have that rare opportunity every single weekend, but what makes this rare is what we did and what I didn’t do.

We — sang and heard scripture and worshiped.

I — didn’t preach.

I get to do a lot of things on weekends like these that I don’t usually get to do. I,

  • walked around and went from the video cafe to the main building 2 or 3 times.
  • sang like nobody’s business
  • talked with new folks and people who have been here for years
  • got to peek in on different children’s gatherings and youth groups
  • prayed to commission the folks heading for New York to do missions

One thing that probably stood out even from the rest on such a weekend was the talk of “missions.” SCC does a lot both domestically and internationally. Most people were blown away to see just how much. And this weekend one particular group reminded me of the power of doing ministry the way we do.

I’m talking about our youth.

We have the most awesome group of young people I’ve seen anywhere! In many ways they are leading the rest of us. While it’s true that Southbrook is relevant and cutting edge—fun and a weekly celebration of what it means to be a Christ follower, we know that it’s so much more than a show, or gathering for a concert. If that were all it was than it would pass like the latest fad. Shows come and go but our Lord and His radical transforming power are eternal. And I was reminded of how many times our youth have given up their Spring Breaks in Cancun or heading for Daytona Beach for fun and entertainment in favor of feeding the homeless or building shelters and housing for hurricane ravished folks or people in countries too poor to afford much.

Sure, they miss out on Spring Break in Cancun and…

being forever immortalized in a “Girl’s Gone Wild” video, or passing out drunk at a party and having their money stolen, having their boyfriend or girlfriend cheat on them in the ‘anything goes’ atmosphere, the pressure to try the latest and greatest drug to come down the pike, and—

Well, you get the point. Not everything that happens in these places is bad. But, parents?…

Most of it is.

And absolutely nothing of lasting and life changing (in a positive sense) value really takes place. In fact, the fads, places and activities that are all the rage today will be gone and forgotten tomorrow—except for the damage. That tends to linger.

Contrast this to the total life-change we see again and again in the lives of the youth who take the opportunity to go on a mission trip instead.

There’s no comparison.

So, parents, that’s where you come in. Kids will naturally gravitate to the fun and fads but will never be transformed by them. And they’ll surely not thank you for letting them do this year in and year out when they are 30. On the other hand, they may resent you on the front end of a mission’s trip. But they’ll thank you when they are older—and never stop thanking you.

Trust me on this one.

So, it was an awesome weekend. It refreshed me and reminded me of what’s important. And now I am ready and excited about getting back in the saddle and guiding our fired up church through “One Month to Live!”

This series is going to change hundreds of us! Invite everyone you know and let’s all discover together how to live out the rest of our lives with passion and excitement for Jesus Christ!

Here are some pictures form the weekend. Enjoy!

CIMG2536 CIMG2544


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