Weekend Reflections


Collaborative_tI played hooky this weekend—from Southbrook anyway. Sometimes my most fired up times with the Lord—the times I hear my marching orders most clearly, are the times I am away.

No, the pastor who stresses the importance of gathering weekly with the body of Christ via the local church has not run amok. It’s just a bit different for me—or, at least a bit more of a challenge. You see, our family really doesn’t go to church together as 99.9999% of families do. I don’t sit with them, check the kids in with my wife, take notes in service at her side, none of that. I’m up front, and, in a way we are disconnected from each other at church—the very place where most families connect—or, at least, make an attempt to. As a result, we have to find creative ways to worship together as a family. Often, that happens when we are away form Southbrook. It’s weekends like these that I sit in a service at a church (different places every time). I’ve worshiped in Jamaica, Europe, Israel, the mountains (Rockies and Smokies), the beach (many different beach places), locally, and probably a lot more I’m not recalling at this time. The point is, they are usually extra special for me and my family because we love going to church together but almost never get to.

One side affect, however, is that no matter where I go my wife tells me that I always think a I’ve heard the greatest message or most awesome music on earth—even when it’s clearly not. We’ve both discovered the reason for this is that I simply don’t get this experience much—so little, in fact, that each one is a 10! Even if it’s really a 5!

That probably doesn’t make sense. In fact, if it does, there may be something wrong with you.  

Our executive pastor, Paul Allen (the one I have you send all critical email too!) took the helm this weekend and covered the tough and unpopular topics of serving and tithing. We actually talk about tithing less than just about any church I know of, but just to prove it’s a sore spot for most, we still have people who complain that we talk about it entirely too much. What’s too much? We talk about it like once or twice a year?

Zero would be just about right for some.

My problem with that position is that it wasn’t even close to enough for Jesus. He talked about money more than faith or prayer or heaven or Hell! Our stuff can be a huge roadblock to living out the purposes for which we were made.

Well, just some weekend reflections for whatever they are worth.

Check back in the morning for my next post.