We Are a Family — Made to Belong


Ever stumble across some old photograph or trinket or something and the most fleeting glance brings back a flood of memories? It’s great when they’re good — awful when they are bad, and just plane weird when they’re mixed.

That’s what happened today. My kids left a cabinet open and, as I went to shut it and put stuff back inside I saw a box. The box contained some old photos my mom had sent me a few years back. So. I took a few seconds to glance through them.

It stared out good. There was the picture of me around age seven that looks EXACTLY like my son, Nathan at that age (unfortunately, all I had on hand was one of him at nine — close enough). It’s almost creepy. Take a look…

You guess.

I laughed, I reminisced and then came the pic out of left field — The family I grew up with. There we were, as they say, one big happy family.

But we didn’t make it.

At the time the picture was taken I was about sixteen years old, and my parents were trying to work things out for the third time. I really thought we were going to make it.

I wanted to be a family.

I wanted my parents to stay together. It was my Rodney King moment, couldn’t we all just get along?

It didn’t happen.

The third time wasn’t a charm.

My family came apart. This time for good.

Something a lot of Christians today seem to have forgotten is that God hates divorce. The divorce rate for Christians is the same as non-Chrisitians

God is PRO – family — One man, One woman, A father, A mother…and, for some, kids. Some families don’t have kids and they’re every bit a family as well, but kids are a blessing like nothing else.

During those years I didn’t know where I fit. They were (as the now famous saying goes), The best of times and the worst of times) but mostly the best.

During this time I deepened my relationship with my heavenly Father.

During this time He called me into ministry.

During this time I learned that if I lose ALL ELSE yet still have God — I have everything I need.

He sustains me.

He strengthens me.

He loves me.

Why do I write this?

No reason really. I just saw some old photos.

They triggered some memories.

Some good.

Some bad…

mostly good.

I love my family!

The family I grew up with (though no-longer together)

The new families from remarrying

The new families from sibblings growing up and finding their own husbands or wives


My family now…

I love my wife, Michelle!

I love my Son, Nathan!

I love my daughter, Juliana!

I love my Southbrook family!

Let’s stay together.

Let’s grow together…more like Christ.

Let’s make a difference for eternity!

See you this weekend!