Way to Go, Monroe!



Southbrook Monroe is almost there!

Today I went by and was blown away with how awesome this place already looks and how good it’s going to look on opening day! Volunteers have been working around the clock, donating time, money and physical effort without complaint!

Oh how I wish it had been like that when I started out nine years ago! This group here is one in a million!

Well, patience my Monroe friends. Good things come to those who wait!

By the way, that’s me up at the middle screen. I wanted to give you a life sized view of how it will look. Pretty creative huh?

This new facility will hold up to 600 people and has another facility 2 doors down for children’s ministry and more! There will be four video projectors so that the experience from Southbrook Weddington can be as clear and vivid as possible—it should really feel like we are all together!

Another thing that will help is that we are planning on going, “almost live” at Monroe in January of 09’. This will be possible because we are brining back the Saturday evening service (@ Southbrook Weddington) by popular demand and due to the fact that we are already over the threshold of social strangulation in our new building. In addition to alleviating the overcrowdedness of Sunday mornings, the Saturday evening service will be ‘filmed’ for our multisite campuses thus putting all campuses on the same weekend schedule instead of one week behind.

Can you say, deja vu?

Well, it’s a good kind pf problem to have and we thank God for all the new folks He’s brought our way at Southbrook Church! I pray we will be good stewards of this most important task He has given us.

Anyway, our goal is to have Christmas Eve services (two of them) in this fabulous new facility.

Can ya wait that long?

Hope so. It will be worth it!

Here’s some more oictures from the Monroe campus: