Watch the Gate!


I can’t take credit for this post—my son, Nathan gave me the idea from his own time in God’s Word. You see, he’s been on this pretty cool kick lately that he ought to spend at least as much time with God as he does playing computer games or practicing soccer.


So far he’s kept it up!


The other day this meant at least an hour in the Bible and for whatever reason, he chose the book of 2 Samuel as a good place to start—long about chapter 12 or so. And he read all about Absalom’s rebellion against his father, king David.


Well, this ungrateful, hurtful, vengeful, wicked son just horrified, Nathan.


“Dad, why would Absalom do this to his own father?”


What I shared with him in that regard will have to be a series for another time. What he shared with me about Absalom at the city gates is what I want to hone in on.


So this will be a 2 or 3 part series about the other door seldom mentioned when it comes to overall church health—the “front door.”


There’s a lot of teaching on how to keep people from leaving (how to close the back door, etc.) but very little about how to keep wolves from coming in the front door in the first place.


Now listen, aside from the fact that completely closing the back door is a really, really bad idea—if the front gate (door) were more closely watched, the back door issue would take care of itself.


I’ll develop this more later (tomorrow I have to wrap up yesterday’s series) but to get you started on some interesting thoughts on the back door, go to and search for “back door.” He did a very good and very sobering take on our obsession with the “back door.”


See you tomorrow.