Wake Up!


Wake upJust a reminder, men. Tomorrow morning we kick off, “Operation, Man Up!”

“But today’s the superbowl, pastor Rob!”

Yeah, and? Your point?

“Well, you know, how can we have all that partying and exertion and then be expected to get up early for this?”

Let me ask you something. Is your employer expecting you to get up?

He is? You mean, he isn’t giving you the morning off? He expects you to get up and come to work?!

What kind of a monster do you work for anyway???!!!!!

Just kidding.

Good news is, you’ll already be up! In fact, that’s great news?!

So plan on joining us in the video cafe at 6:15 AM for donuts and coffee and at 6:30 I’ll share my heart with the men of Southbrook and any of the friends they bring. And the whole thing will be over by 7:30 (at the latest — guaranteed, b/c I have to take my kids to school!) so you can still get where you’re going on time! I know the old worship guide said 8:00, but it’s wrong, so don’t let that misprint stop ya!

I promise you’ll be challenged.

I promise it’ll be worth it!

Oh, one more reason to show up, men…YOUR WIFE WANTS YOU THERE (single guys? Your future wife wants you there as well. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know!).

Here’s a hint though. Read what my wife wrote here.