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Second of all, we’re thrilled about our ‘Virtual’ series for a lot of reasons! Among them is the fact that we’re going to help people who are discouraged because they live in the reality of a high tech world while, at the same time, experience personal lives that are becoming more and more virtual.

Think about it.

Today we have more and more gadgets designed to save us time and make us more productive but see to have nothing left at the end of the day or week when all is said and done. Nothing left for loved ones. Nothing left for ourselves. And when it come to God? Forget about it.

Nothing left.

The virtual has replaced the real.

Virtual images that we hope people will like.

Virtual relationships that have no depth.

Virtual marriages that have no commitment.

Virtual religion that has no spiritual connection to God.

Virtual happiness that does not last.

Virtual friends who are not real.

Virtual Neighborhoods where no one really knows each other.

Virtual jobs that provide no real satisfaction.

Virtual churches that are little more than a place to socialize and make business contacts.

Virtual self esteem that still leaves you feeling lousy about yourself.

Virtual families that don’t stay together.


All these combine into one long virtually wasted life for a lot of people…


…it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Discover your creator.

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