Vintage Jesus Continues This Sunday!


Vintage Jesus


Someone said that, so far in this series, “Jesus seems pretty much the opposite of everything I’ve ever thought!”


Better get used to it.


The world has attempted time and time again to create God in OUR image rather than accepting the truth that we are created in God’s image but have messed our privileged position up through sin. A careful study of Jesus in scripture will never deliver up the Mr. Rogers, somewhat effeminate, Leave it to Beaver, Jesus that most find more palatable. In fact, a lot of the time Jesus seems, “Mean and Wild.”


That’s right. He was not afraid to say it like it is, offend, cut to the chase, rebuke, physically throw people out of places they had no business being, and so on.


Pretty mean.


Definitely not tame either,


Down right wild!


But none of this should repulse us. As for me, it draws me to Him all the more. Who wants to give their life to Mister Rogers? He might teach me how to tie my shoes when I’m three and a half years old, but after that, I’m moving on.


Pretty sure you did too.


At least I hope you did.


Some, I fear, may have simply exchanged Mr. Rogers for Buddy Jesus.


Invite your friends and family to our “Vintage Jesus” series this week as we continue with the message, “Jesus, Mean and Wild.”


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