Until Next Time


2006_Toyota_4RunnerWell, looks like the girly men won out. Of course, I could have driven my Toyota 4Runner right to the front door of the church, but apparently I was out voted by the new legion of Prius owners.

Is that really a car?

Can you prove it?

Doesn’t matter. The men will have to forego tomorrow’s meeting of primal manliness and scholastic grunting until next month. Alas, I always look forward to these times.

And, in order to maintain my man card, my son and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching “The Fellowship of the Ring!” What an awesome flick! I love all of the “Lord of the Rings” movies. And I love spending time with the family.

The best part of snow storms for me is that it forces me to do what I love so much anyway!

I hope the rest of you take time to drink some hot chocolate, get a fire going and watch some Hobbits beat up the Orcs. Or, if that’s just too far out there for you—how about some Braveheart?

See you next time.