That’s the only word I can think of to describe today to you. I mean, of course I believe it, but only because I serve a GREAT BIG GOD! So let me attempt to describe it. And I mean ATTEMPT.

First of all, confession time would be appropriate.

In the last few days I wrestled quite a bit with God on this whole weather thing. It went something like this;

‘God, couldn’t you just make it warm in Weddington at least?! Because, as I know You know already, we are having our services OUTSIDE in a stinkin tent!!! It being APRIL and all, we felt pretty prudent doing so, but right now I’m looking pretty foolish and it feels more like I’m wearing shorts, no shoes and a cheesy Hawaiian shirt in Winter, at the South Pole on a cloudy day!! Heeeeeelp!’

So we rented heaters, but last time we did that (and it wasn’t near as cold) the kids thanked us for creating such a great live experiment of what the Amazon Rain Forest is really like…in rainy season…on an especially rainy day! Seriously, the condensation made it drip all over everyone for an hour and a half!

But the deal was made long ago. Hands were shook (this being the South), checks were written (this being the South), and there was no turning back. So we did what we had been doing all along, only MUCH MORE INTENSELY!!

We prayed! and

We prayed! and

We prayed!


and here’s what God did…Tent left side 9 am



This is the 1200 seat tent





Tent  middle



Here’s the MIDDLE!









and here’s the RIGHTRight side tent SIDE!

That’s right gang…we we’re SLAMMED!!

At both services!!

and now for a special ‘extended’ confession time…

When I discovered that it would be only 27 degrees at 9:00 I shifted my prayers to the 11:00 service! I know. I know, but try not to hate me. We pastors have to have our faith stretched as well.

I almost cried (almost!) when the place filled up by 8:55 am! There were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ski jacket wearing, parka modeling, glove toting people everywhere. Truth is, had the weather been normal for this time of year we would not have been able to handle the crowds with just a 1200 seat tent and two services! God knew it all along! Isn’t that just like Him?!

Oh, did I mention the children’s ministry in the worship center (all warm and toasty) was SLAMMED as well?

Children on tent day



<— Take a look!

It was a day I’ll NEVER forget as long as I live. God is so good! And you haven’t even heard the most incredible number of all…the number of people who committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

THAT deserves a blog post of it’s own…not bottom billing at the end of this one.

Stay posted, those numbers are still coming in…but I’ll give you a hint. Think around 100 (and that’s just adults!).