Uh Oh! Who’s Alisa?!


Filling in the Blanks Part 2

Yesterday someone from Southbrook walked by just as Paul Allen, our executive pastor was asking me if my wife, Michelle, ever got jealous of ‘Alisa.’

That would probably perk your ears up a bit too wouldn’t it?

I thought nothing of it until they walked around closer to me and I could see their face.

They were horrified!

I bet they were thinking, What kind of church is this really?

What, do you have two wives or something?

A mistress perhaps?

I had about 2.5 seconds to set the record straight before another potential game of Fill in the Blanks got started.

See yesterday’s post here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

You see, if you’ve ever traveled with me (on a long trip in the car) then you know I like to use my GPS. My wife got me one of those portable ones a few years back and I love it. It has a lady’s voice, and this particular ‘lady’ is often wrong. Outdated maps I guess.

Anyway, my wife’s first name is actually, Alisa.

Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

She goes by her middle name, Michelle.

My wife is also, usually right about things.

Unlike Alisa.

Alisa is kind of her alter ego.

Michelle, in frustration is the one who gave the satellite locating device her name.

When she gets mad at it, she says, “shut Alisa up and look at a map!”


What do you think I do at that point?


But it helps to fill in the blanks doesn’t it?