Two Roads


I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, believe me, I’m not. But lately I have been more troubled than ever by how many Christians try to get close to Jesus by way of achievement.

It’s the whole, “look at me, God! See how good I am?!” After you are a Christian for a while, you begin to hear that this will never get you anywhere with God, but it’s still a hard philosophy to shake for some folks.

But shake it we must, because what separates Christianity from every other religion or cult on earth is that it really isn’t about what we do, but rather what “He’s done.”  And because of the work Jesus does within those who receive his gift of salvation by placing their trust in Him, they are transformed into the image of Christ.

How could something like that happen through human effort?

Answer? It can’t

It’s all because of GRACE (unmerited favor). And…







We don’t deserve to be loved by God, He just loves us.

Go figure.

But most Christians have a hard time staying on the GRACE road and find themselves trying to take the easier, wider, flatter road called PRIDE. Biggest problem with that? It’s just the same old “good works” road we just talked about.







But since you cannot earn God’s favor, you’re wasting your time on the road of PRIDE.

Might I suggest a 180 degree turn?

Grace got you there in the first place, and only grace will keep you close to Him.