Turn out the lights, the party’s over — part 2


Ok, ok, so Jesus said Lazarus’s sickness would not end in death.

Would you have had enough faith?

Me either.

For a couple of reasons…

1. It’s like he’s speaking in code or something. I mean, not end in death is a kinda weird phrase. Does that mean ultimately? Does that mean a coma? Does that mean Jesus’ timing was a bit off? Temporary (really. really, temporary) death?

2. Lazarus died!

Just a couple points but in all fairness, they do seem fairly major!

Fast forward—

When Jesus finally arrives he’s also endures a tongue lashing from Mary, a cynical crowd, some religious spies and an overall hostile assembly. So Jesus cuts right to the chase.

‘Where is he buried?’ Literally — ‘where have you laid him?’ because, often people were buried in above ground caves or tombs and such. But the gist is the same, ‘Where’s the dead guy?’

No one much liked this either. Sure, Jesus has a right to pay his last respects like everyone else, but everyone else has the distinct advantage in the popularity polls of having no ability to perform miracles like healing the sick.

Let’s face it, Jesus is all of the sudden persona non grata.

From best friend, Lord, and Savior, to ‘please just do your thing and leave!’

Why does He even put up with us?

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