Top Ten ways to get them there this weekend


Ok, gang, the big weekend (the one that begins a season of big weekends) is upon us! Have you done everything you can to insure that your friend or family, co-worker or neighbor is coming to Southbrook Church to hear Clayton King?


If not, here are the top ten things you can do to help make it happen!


10. Hand deliver an invite card if you haven’t done so yet.

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09. Call them and tell them you’ll meet them at such and such a service (give them time and exact location).


08. Invite them to dinner after the Saturday evening service.


07. Meet them for pastries and coffee before the 8:30 service.


06. Better yet, take them to Starbucks or Paneras before the 8:30 service (you’d best be dealing with morning people if you do this!).


05. Meet them at the Promenade for dinner and Gal Friday’s “Concert in the Park.” Pop the question there!


04. Take them out for dessert or ice cream at the end of the concert (There’s a Cold Stone Creamery right there!).


03. Offer to pick them up and take them to church!


02. Take them to lunch after the 10:00 or 11:30 am service.


And the number one way to pretty much guarantee that your special someone (or many special someones) makes it to Southbrook this weekend is…

#1. Tie them up and throw them in the trunk. Carry them into church and prop them up in the front row. They’ll have all eternity to thank you!*



* please note, this is a joke. There’s always one who just doesn’t get it!


See you all tonight at the Promenade and at all four services this weekend!!