Top 10 traffic generating ideas for religious blogs


I hope there isn’t some sort of ministry mafia out there just waiting for the call to take rebel bloggers like me behind the heavenly woodshed. Because it seems there is an unspoken (or maybe it’s spoken, but I haven’t heard it) rule about what you can and can’t touch in the religious blogging world.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are the top ten types of posts people seem to clamber for:

10. Posts that bash others

09. Posts that self promote

08. Posts that run in a series (i.e. part 1, 2, and 3 of why the world will end tomorrow)

07. Posts that promise you miracles if you read their post

06. Posts that promise you even greater miracles if you link to their site

05. Posts that promise you the greatest miracle of all (one free raising from the dead or something the equivalent thereof) if you actually include them in your blogroll (by the way, none of those are in my blogroll).

04. Posts that expose hypocritical behavior typically thought of as, ‘great Christian living’

03. Posts that celebrate individuals who have recommited their lives to Christ

02. Posts that celebrate individuals who have professed Christ in baptism

but the number one traffic generating post?

01. Posts that celebrate how many hell-bounders are now a part of the family of God!


Notice anything?

The more positive the posts get, the more traffic and overall interest is generated.

PS I’ve done all 10 at one time or another and will probably continue (yes, even the shameless blog promotion — but I really do want to see God use this blog to touch others).

What I may need to do is celebrate more.

There’s no shortage of things to celebrate at SCC, so why not?

Just some thoughts.