Top 10 Reasons You Should Already Be Inviting Your Friends to Southbrook


Top ten

10. They can get to know the ropes before the Grand Opening on Oct. 26th

09. There might not be enough personal invite cards to go around.

08. We’re actually already meeting as a church.

07. The new building might actually fill up faster than the old one did—in which case you and your friends might end up sitting in the cold, dark storage area.

06. People who attend Southbrook live longer lives than those who don’t (info. gathered from I don’t want to have to worry about you outliving me.

05. Attending church makes you sexy. Staying home or spending every weekend at the beach house transforms you into a hideously ugly Quasimodo type creature.

04. The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over a specific value of time factored inside a controlled or closely regulated, biospheric environment, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium and can only be quelled by attending Southbrook Church. Know what I mean?

03. You’ll learn what that means at Southbrook Church.

02. Southbrook rocks!

01. Jesus is at Southbrook (Technically, He’s everywhere—being onmipresent and all, but He’s really, really, really present at Southbrook!)!


P.S. Hope to see you and a ton of your friends this weekend! And here are some important dates to remember—October 12th is the soft opening for Southbrook’s new worship center! We’re almost done!!! And the Grand Opening will be Sunday, October 26th!!