To Cut or not to Cut — THAT is the Question


Today was the filming for the Liberian adoption story on Oprah. We’ve been praying that God would get the glory in this — it’s nice to be on Oprah, but I believe God opens doors like this for His glory, not so that we can provide filler for another TV talk show.

Well, it went great! Most of the SCC families who have adopted Liberian kids were there, and Oprah interviewed them live (via satellite. It will air sometime in January). We were able to preview some of it, and I can tell you that God is ALL OVER IT! We all prayed and agreed that it was a God story and that there was no story at all without God, sooooooo…Everyone kept giving God the glory (It’s tough to edit God out when that is all you have to work with).

Praise God for how he continues to work through this miraculous story. Millions will see it in January, and they can’t help but see God as well!

You ROCK Southbrook Family!