Time Zones


Past-present-futureWhere do you live your life? Not your physical address, but your mental, spiritual address.

Past, present, or future?

Before you jump right in and answer, let me explain some characteristics of living in each and then you can honestly decide which you live in most.

One rule first; we won’t be talking about jumping in your Delorean with Michael J. Fox and zooming into the actual future, we will focus on something far more powerful than the flux capacitor—the imagination. Where do your thoughts reside? Where so you spend the most time in your mind?

First, there are those who live in the past. These folk’s lives are often characterized by things like bitterness and unforgiveness on the one hand, and regret and fear on the other. There aren’t many fringe benefits to living in the past. That’s why it’s a bit of a tragic mystery as to why so many people do it.

Next, there is the opposite extreme—those who live in the future. These folk’s are characterized by phrases like, “just you wait!” and “It’s only a matter of time before.” They’re always waiting for their ship to come in or for ‘the next best thing.’

I firmly believe the Lord doesn’t want us living in either of these time zones. Oh, it will be necessary to visit them from time to time (no pun intended) but we certainly have no business setting up residence there. No, the time zone we are called to live in is easily the least occupied. I’m talking about living in the present.


Because that is where God desires to dwell with us. I shudder to think of the opportunities and lessons form the Lord I miss every time I hop in my Delorean (as a good friend once put it) and travel to either the future or the past. To be sure, much can be learned from looking back and logging lessons learned, but there’s no life in it. Those lessons are already filed and categorized. They aren’t alive and vibrant. And the future? Well it’s seldom what I visualize or imagine. A lot of times I imagine the worst (fear) and God doesn’t dwell in my fears. When I imagine a future like this, it’s never with God by my side. What possible good can come from that?

No, that is why we are called to live in the now. Though God resides outside of time (if you want to get technical) He wants us to dwell with Him in the present.

So why don’t we just do it then?

Well now, that’s another post for another day.

How’s tomorrow look for you?

Man, see how hard it is to live in the present?!

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