Time to Man Up!


Hey, anyone joining me tomorrow morning for some man time?!!

That’s right, it’s time once again (the first Monday morning of every month) to man up and the first manly thing you need to do is suck it up and get up early! I mean real early.

I’m talking 6:15 am at the building formerly known as the “Video Cafe.”

Seriously, if you are interested in a time of teaching—together with other men just like you—then just be there. We’re learning how to be more like Jesus,

  • How to be more godly men
  • How to be more godly teens
  • How to be more godly young ones
  • How to be better husbands
  • How to be better fathers

And just, how to be better men and representatives of Jesus Christ. Unless you’ve already arrived (in which case I’ll sit back and let you teach), I’ll plan on seeing you there!


Bright and early.

With a big silly grin on your face!