They still do revivals?


For those who haven’t heard, I’ve been spending my days and nights of late visiting the SCC Connecting Groups (that’s code for small groups). This has been such a blessing for me! And isn’t it just like God to bless your socks off when you weren’t even looking for it?

Here’s how it came to be. Because of the tremendous growth at SCC over the last 10 months or so (more than 700 new folks) I felt the Lord leading me to sort of rally the troops (our core volunteers) who were beginning to feel tired and overwhelmed– by going to these smaller settings and listening to folk’s hearts as well as sharing my own and recasting the vision for Southbrook Church. That part has been going well (as I hoped and expected) but what has been going even better is the flat out ‘passion unleashed’ that I’ve been encountering as I meet with folks from our awesome church!

And where is all of this coming from? One awesome weekend at the tail end of a wonderful series (Ready, Set, GROW). In the final message I mentioned the fact that king David became a giant slayer and kingdom establisher (is that a word? It is now.) mainly because he was surrounded by what he referred to as his, ‘Mighty Men.’ These were the ones willing to charge Hell with squirt guns if need be to see God’s kingdom established.

So I got this crazy notion that mighty men and women still exist today and low and behold…I called and they answered (ok, so my call was irrelevant, but GOD called, and that’s powerful). To date more than 300 have answered the call to be Southbrook’s mighty men, women and young people for the building up of god’s kingdom through SCC! And some say that weekend was anointed. Some say it was a God thing. Others call it the beginning of a revival. <-- Actually, I've heard that one half a dozen times now.

SO…my conclusion? Yes, revivals still happen today. How do I know? It’s happening right now at Southbrook Church!