“There is no God!”


Got your attention with that one didn’t I?


But I’m no fool, (at least most of the time) and these are the infamous words of most fools. These are the words of those who look out at all of creation and then say to themselves, “It’s all just a matter of chance. We humans are nothing special—just animals more evolved than our ape like cousins.”

Now, I’m sure if I look far enough I will see some pretty peculiar third cousins twice removed, but I don’t believe I’ll ever go far enough to find cousin “It.” Honestly, whenever I get the chance to spend time in God’s awesome creation, or around His magnificent creatures, I’m reminded afresh that none of this would be possible without God.

What an AWESOME God!

The only God.

This past weekend we took our son, Nathan to a special birthday overnighter at the Georgia aquarium.

Yes, I said overnighter at the aquarium. We literally spent the night with the fish! It was an awesome experience I will not soon forget. For a reasonable fee (if you’re Bill Gates) you get to have a slumber party with 200 of your closest friends, spread all throughout the different exhibits of this underwater fantasyland. We originally planned on taking three or four friends for Nathan but then a little thing called reality set in and I narrowed it down to one (preferably one with a job). Nathan was a bit bummed about that because he had at least three spots filled in his mind for a solid month. I told him he could deliver pizzas on his bicycle for a year and I would consider it. He opted for one.

Smart kid.

Ok, I’m the scrooge. Blame me.

Anyway, we may do this one again. It was that awesome. They take you through about 4 hours of educational stuff from petting the chinchillas and handling dessert porcupines to petting the sharks and learning how to treat the ocean. At the end of it all we settled in for the night in front of the largest glass wall of what is the world’s largest aquarium (33 feet high and over 65 feet in length). The entire aquarium measures almost a football field in length and is wider than an Olympic swimming pool. The depth goes from 15 to 35 feet and there are approximately 6.5 million gallons of water in this thing. It has 55,000 creatures in it, including 4 whalesharks! In case you do not know what they are, they are the largest fish in the world—ranging (full grown) from 25 – 35 feet in length.

But the highlight for me came at the end of the evening as both my children said (at different times), “Daddy, how can anyone see all of this and not believe there is a God who loves them?”

No fools in the Singleton household.

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God,” Psalm 53:1

Check out the video (and other pictures of our adventure) to see one of the Whalesharks (and more)!