They’re not just Ornaments!


OrnamentsWe Go Live In, 8…7…6…5…

4 More Days!

Can you believe it?! There are hundreds and hundreds of names on the Christmas ornaments at Southbrook Church. Each name represents someone who is far from God. If you have not yet confirmed that rendezvous @ SCC with that individual you better do it now!

And here is a very important help at this late hour.

Don’t just tell them where Southbrook is and give them a map or something…


I mean rendezvous at a restaurant after the Saturday evening service or take them to breakfast before the 10:00 am service.

Maybe plan on your family and theirs going out to lunch after the 11:30 am service.

The point is, people are a gazillion times more likely to come if you will follow all the way through with them and really put the time in. So let’s do it, and I’ll see you there!