The Trust Incubator — Part 2


IncubatorSo just how long does the old incubator take before a mature, bold and courageous Christ follower hatches?

Parakeets? 18 days

Partridges? 23 days.

Ducks? 28 days.

Ostrich? 48 days.

Monitor lizards? 8 – 10 weeks.

9 months for a new born Human baby. And…

the incubation period for a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ?

A lifetime.

Depressing, huh?

But not really, because the difference is that you aren’t in suspended animation until birth, you get to be involved in this incubation period. You get to take an active role in spiritual maturity unlike the other incubation processes. And there are even guaranteed things we can learn to speed up the process. Not really something we do, but rather, something we grow to understand and embrace.

And it’s mind numbingly simple. One simple truth.


God loves you.


God loves you.

Loves_me_smSo put away the daisies and stop listening to the peddle plucking, psychic, inner child telling you that God’s love depends upon your performance.

It doesn’t. Never did. Never will.

He loves you just because. You can’t earn it. When you learn to trust in His unconditional love it will change everything!

John Ortberg refers to it as , “The Life You’ve Always Wanted.”

I agree.