The Treehouse


Treehouse16I’ve always wanted to build a treehouse. It’s one of those things that stuck in my brain when I first saw the Disney movie, “Swiss Family Robinson” and it never really left.

I made a few attempts over my childhood years, but there’s not much of consequence a seven year old is going to come up with on his own. Most were destroyed at the first puff of wind over two MPH. Nevertheless, the dream never left me.

Recently that dream has resurfaced in conjunction with another goal that I have—the quest to be a father who is ‘present’ for his kids—really present—not just a bread winner who sleeps in the same house. As a pastor of a large church I’ve seen my share of disintegrating families due to dad chasing his dreams at everyone else’s expense.

It isn’t pretty.

It’s amazing how the “father wound” as John Eldridge calls it in his bestseller, “Wild at Heart” can stay with kids well into their adult years.

Well, I determined before I ever had kids that it would be different for the Singleton family. And I can tell you that God blesses tremendously when your priorities are in the right place. My very best friends in the world are my wife and kids. They are a Ephesians 3:20 family! <— Look it up. And recently I decided to resurrect the old “Tree house” dream.

But I needed help. And boy did God bring it! I’ll tell you tomorrow how and I think you’ll agree that God has a sense of humor!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from some of you. What great ideas do you have for spending quality time with your children and (most importantly) pointing the way to Jesus? Leave a comment below and let’s share with each other and learn from each other!

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