The Tree house…Day 2


CIMG3232I thought I’d sneak this in between posts.

I haven’t forgotten the old tree house dream. In fact, me and my father in law (Bob the Builder), as well as my son, Nathan, have been hard at it!

<— Here is a shot of day 2 progress:

Obviously, we’ve found the perfect tree. And I don’t want no sissy—3 feet off the ground deal either. This suckers going Mt. Everest high!

Some of you might be thinking, “Will that tree hold all the weight?”

Yes, believe it or not, it will—if it is supported the right way. And Bob the Builder has that well covered. Trust me. Besides, this used to be farm land, and that’s the biggest tree around—therefore, the best.

Anyway, here are a few more shots of the progress on day 2. As always, I will be keeping you informed.





















CIMG3255 two