The Tree house — Part 2


Wanna know what stirred all this up recently? Well, originally, I really felt it was God convicting me to model Jesus to my children and make sure that instead of complaining about how I wish things were different when I grew up—to make sure that I changed what I could,


For all you parents who grumble and complain about having a father who was too busy or parents who divorced—once, twice or even three times, let it go. Stop dwelling on what you cannot change and start doing something about what you can. I knew I wanted to be a different kind of father than what so many in my generation experienced. Well, now it’s time to put up or shut up.

I decided early on that a good place to begin would be to teach my children to put God first.

  • to love Him first
  • honor Him most
  • obey Him always
  • and learn to be like Jesus in all that they do

If they really move in this direction, the rest, as they say, is gravy.

So far so good.

I’ll try to share some of the things we’ve learned to do as a family and individually that have helped in these goals. Let me start with 2 things.

First, I pray with Nathan and Juliana every single night—without fail. Have I ever missed? Sure, once or twice. Maybe we were out walking on the beach, came home late, played a board game and one of them fell asleep and had to be carried up stairs, but those were the exceptions, not the rule. Praying together every night is something they highly value and should I ever let it slip my mind at this stage—they never do.

Second, I buy them a one year “Word of Life” quiet time diary—every year. You can find the age appropriate ones for your kids by clicking here. And let me say this—you can never start this too young. At this point they do not have to be reminded every day to spend time with the Lord in prayer and reading His Word. They do it on their own!

Now, back to what resurfaced all of these feelings…










and this,









These are two wonderful tools in case you run out of ideas for what you and your kids can do together! I started with the “Dangerous Boys” one because, well, that was me growing up! And low and behold, guess what I found on page 21?

Building a Tree House!

So now I am on a mission from God. And I will let you all take part in this journey with us. Keep checking here for updates!


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