The Single Greatest Factor



Part 1

I look for this above all other characteristics and qualities when I interview for Southbrook Church.

I seek this in my own life when I feel I’ve drifted off course.

I exhort others to pray for this when their spiritual life has grown anemic.

This quality is lower on people’s prayer lists than patience. And that would alarm you if you had ever prayed for patience and then endured the various trials God allowed in your life for the sole purpose of developing that patience!

This event in one’s life is both feared and embraced.

It can kill you or breathe in you, new life.

It will take me 3 posts to fully unpack it’s ginormous value but today I thought I’d begin by simply telling you what it is and allowing you to chew on it for a day or so.


We get to work.

So, what is it?