The Single Greatest Factor — continued


Part 2




Brokenness? Are you serious, pastor Rob? How can brokenness be the single greatest factor for ANYTHING?! I mean, if you’re broken, then you are, well, not fixed.


True, true.


But let me challenge the notion that human perfection and having it all together is what we ought to always strive for.


Fist of all, wouldn’t you agree that any undertaking with God by your side would have better results than that same undertaking all by your lonesome.




I mean, can we all agree with that?




Now, what’s the opposite of an attitude of needing help, serving others, cheering on a friend, and deflecting praise?




…an, ‘I don’t need anyone,’ serve me, applaud me, praise me, attitude.


The Bible has a word for this second attitude. The word is, pride.


Here is what scripture says about it.


Not enough for ya? Then read here, here, and here.


Still not enough? Then I can’t help you. But for the rest of you who are convinced, keep reading.


We know clearly from God’s Word that the Lord is against pride and prideful people. I don’t know about you, but me, I

sure don’t want God on the opposing team from me! So, what I want to know (and you should too) is, what kind of attitude is the kind that gains God’s support?


Glad you asked, here it is…




Yep, there’s that word again. Oh, and if it bugs you now, wait till you’re actually broken! Brokenness is no fun.


None whatsoever.








It hurts. It crushes. It brings tears and pain in the deepest part of your soul. In short, you will feel like you can’t go on, like you haven’t the strength to place one foot in front of the other on your own.


Know why?


You’re broke.


And I don’t mean, ‘financially challenged.’


I’m talking Humpty Dumpty with all his walls down, The Terminator in the pool of hot, molten led, the Castaway alone on an island, etc. Unless someone with superpowers comes along, you’re toast! You are past the point of self diagnosis.


past the point of self help,


self repair,


do it yourself fixes…


You need God.


Now here’s the good news. If you’re truly broken, he’ll show up.


He always does.


Read about it here.


Then, start asking God to break you.


I know. I know. Believe me I know.


Ask anyway.