The Silver Lining Turns to Gold


“Every cloud has a silver lining.” Is that how the saying goes? I never used that one much myself. I wanted to make sure it meant the obvious, so I looked it up under English sayings.

Yep, it means that even the worst or most painful situations have some potential good somewhere.

Today I went to an incredible ceremony honoring the life of fallen Fireman, Todd Hage. It was an honor to officiate. Sure, there were tears. Of course there was sadness. It’s going to take some time to recover the smiles and the joy after such a tragedy. But God did something that only God can do.

He brought some beauty out of sadness. He showed His saving power even in the midst of pain.

Today 63 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ at the memorial service!

People cheered. It was a great moment—a silver lining on a cloudy day.

It made me think that this was the beginning of the unleashing of God’s amazing saving power that we will see more of this weekend as Clayton King joins us once again and shares of the love of Christ in the last of our iTunes series with the message entitled, “iBelieve.”

Do what you need to in order to get people to this powerful event.

You do your part.

We’ll do ours, and…

God always does His!

Can’t wait!